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Scot's Mailing list / Overview


Notice About Recent License/Login Issues

If you are having trouble with your license or logging in, upgrade to version 3.35 now. Download the zip file and then ftp into your site and unpack it into your scotmail directory, overwriting all files.

Project Honeypot: Version 3.35 supports Project Honeypot so you don't have to worry about spammers/bots adding email addresses to your lists. Go to Project Honeypot and sign up for an API key which you can then put into your Scotmail system configuration.

The Scot's Mailing List FAQ entry is not complete. Please look at the FAQ on the old site for more information.

This FAQ will be updated soon.

Release notes: This is a super incomplete list of updates, but most of the big ones are covered here.

v3.35 - July 28, 2018

  • many security and bug fixes
  • fixed using real names works on all systems now
  • fixed friend link bug
  • fixed POP import bug - will not work on Miva servers due to bug in the miva script engine
  • fixed several PCI compliance issues
  • fixed "clear list" utility so it works no matter what
  • fixed super pesky bug where some emails caused list not to be found
  • fixed message preview- true preview now
  • fixed x-header issue
  • fixed how emails are parsed and sent. All headers, real names, etc should work on all servers.
  • fixed bounce utility error
  • fixed some license checking issues
  • added ajax ready subscription features
  • added Project Honeypot support- No more spam signups!
  • added SMTP username/password login option
  • added support for custom smtp port
  • added more XSS attack protections
  • added a cron toggle swtich
  • added multiple admin accounts (see "admin accounts" under utilities)
  • added %archivelink% message token for seeing message online (use your own click text instead of message subject)
  • added %trackeralt%[alt tag text]% message token for adding alt tag text to the tracker image
  • added admin import option to skip email addresses that have been unsubscribed from the list if the email addys are in the unsubscribe log
  • added feature that customers who have unsubscribed from a list will not be auto-added back to the same list IF they are in the unsubscribe log

  • updated how test mode works
  • updated how unlicensed version works
  • updated mailing list merging so that it works no matter what
  • updated message cloning- sets date to current date
  • updated clear list: complete resets list db
  • updated import: sped up email import
UI updates
  • Module Updates
  • use of custom/miva variables for mailing list
  • added several module page item utilities
  • added modal popup support
  • fixed issue where module signups would display messages even if turned off
  • fixed blank line issues that caused compliance issues with some providers
  • many other module updates
updated July 29, 2018