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Notification Watchers v1.006

Run template (SMT) code based on Miva Merchant Nofication API features. Never write a notification module again.

Image gallery by The Gallery module using Unite gallery with unite_compact_b setting.

License Required

Most licenses are good for the lifetime of the product. In some cases there may be an update fee for major version changes (v1 to v2, etc...)

License Fee: $99.00
FastFAQs for Notification Watchers
1. Can anyone use it? Do I need to be a developer?
Anyone can use it, and you don't have to be a developer. You might have to hire a developer if what you want is too complicated, but that's no different than hiring someone to write a notification module.
2. Can I use this to update feeds when I add or edit products?

Yes, quite easily in fact. You can use MVT:CALL to call the URL that generates the feed or go through the process of creating the feed from the ground up.

3. Are all the l.settings variables available to use?

Yes and no. The l.settings variables that would be available for a particular notification feature are available. Others you will need to load manually.

For example, if you are using the product notification templates, l.settings:product will be available.

4. Can I really use this instead of making notification modules?

Yes you can. The only reason you would need to make a notification module is if there's something you can't do in template (SMT) code.

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The Notification Watcher is an advanced module that gives developers and store owners a way to create simple SMT code that will execute for various store notification module features.

Never write a notification module again.

For example, if a feed needed to be updated when a product is deleted, a developer could create code in the product delete notification template to do that.

All notification module features are supported as of Feb 2021.

Supported Module Features

  • Module_Notify_Category_Update
  • Module_Notify_Category_Insert
  • Module_Notify_Category_Update
  • Module_Notify_Product_Delete
  • Module_Notify_Product_Insert
  • Module_Notify_Product_Update
Domain SEO Settings
  • Module_Notify_SEOSettings
Customer Configuration
  • Module_Notify_Customer_Delete
  • Module_Notify_Customer_Insert
  • Module_Notify_Customer_Update
Customer Field Configuration
  • Module_Notify_StandardFields
  • Module_Notify_Image_Delete
  • Module_Notify_Image_Insert
URI Configuration
  • Module_Notify_URI_Insert
  • Module_Notify_URI_Update
  • Module_Notify_URI_Delete
Payment Status
  • Module_Notify_Payment_AuthorizationFailure
Subscription Settings
  • Module_Notify_Subscription_Changed
  • Module_Notify_Subscription_Created
  • Module_Notify_Subscription_Deleted
Gift Certificate
  • Module_Notify_GiftCertificate_Created
  • Module_Notify_GiftCertificate_Deleted
  • Module_Notify_GiftCertificate_Redeemed
  • Module_Notify_GiftCertificate_Updated
Order Status
  • Module_Notify_Order_BatchChange
  • Module_Notify_Order_Delete
  • Module_Notify_Order_Insert
  • Module_Notify_Order_StatusChange
OrderItem Status
  • Module_Notify_OrderItem_Delete
  • Module_Notify_OrderItem_Insert
  • Module_Notify_OrderItem_StatusChange
  • Module_Notify_OrderItem_Update
OrderReturn Status
  • Module_Notify_OrderReturn_Delete
  • Module_Notify_OrderReturn_Insert
  • Module_Notify_OrderReturn_StatusChange
OrderShipment Status
  • Module_Notify_OrderShipment_Delete
  • Module_Notify_OrderShipment_Insert
  • Module_Notify_OrderShipment_StatusChange