Full featured Miva Blog module

Scot's Blogger for Miva Merchant

Scot's Blogger is a Miva Merchant blog module that gives you full featured blogging and content management in Miva Merchant.
Scot's Blogger is a content management and blogging module for Miva Merchant featuring an advanced visual block editor, drag and drop images, tags, categories, and all the other features you expect in a blogging and content platform.

Scot's Blogger v3.525

Miva Merchant blogging and content manager for your store. This blog module for Miva Merchant adds a Wordpress style system to your store that makes it easy and convenient to write posts about your products and create unlimited content for your Miva Merchant SEO in a sophisticated WYSIWYG content manager.

License Information

Most licenses are good for the lifetime of the product. In some cases there may be an update fee for major version changes (v1 to v2, etc...)

Miva Merchant Compatibility: Miva Merchant updates can occasionally break modules. Let us know if you run into any issues after an update.

License Fee: $249.00

Module Downloads: Use the download button above.

FastFAQs for Scot's Blogger
1. Is it easy to use?
Short answer, yes. Long answer, yes, it's easy to use.
2. Is it easy to set up?

If you're good at following a list and doing each step as written, then yes, it's easy to set up. Once it's set up all you have to do is write your posts.

3. Can I drag and drop images into my posts?

Drag and drop away! The editor is so easy to use that you won't have to think about what your'e doing, just do it and have perfect results every time.

4. What about affiliate links?

There's a link manager so that if you put affiliate links in 50 posts and then need to change them, you only have to do it in one place.

5. Can I use the content in other places in my Miva store?

Yes, that's why this is also a CMS for Miva Merchant. You can create content and display it anywhere in your store quite easily.

6. Can I use mvt/smt code, page items, and other programming in the content?

Yes and no. In the WYSIWYG editor you can use a shortcode for &mvt style page items, and some template coding will work. However, you can switch editors to a pure code editor in which you can use any template code you want, and then you can insert that code snippet into any post using a shortcode.

7. Can I have more than one blog?

Yes. You can have as many blogs as you want. They can share a blog template or have their own. We have two blogs here. One if for regular Miva Merchant related posts and the other is for the newer support system which uses a different template than the blog system.

Want FastFAQs for your store? Get the module!

Are you more interested in pages and content rather than blogging? Take a look at Instapages. If Miva's Page Builder isn't your style, Instapages offers a more traditional way of creating content with unique URLs. Don't make pages, make content.

Examples of Stores Using Scot's Blogger

Want to see it in action or see how people have customized their blog pages? Here are some stores using Scot's Blogger. Let us know if you are using Scot's Blogger and want your site included in this list.

Scot's Blogger vs Wordpress

The Blogger gives you everything you need to add professional blogging to your Miva Merchant store, which is useful because Miva hosting is very reluctant to install Wordpress.

All the Blogging Power You Need

The Visual Editor

  • Cutting edge visual editor with all the features.
  • Drag and Drop images
  • File Uploads
  • Grids and columns, headings, classes and ids, alignment, character styling, code, image position and sizing, auto links, and much, much more.
  • Shortcodes
  • Word and character counters for professional authors.
  • Publishers, authors, and moderators do not need Miva Merchant admin accounts.


  • Total SEO control.
  • Featured (social) images
  • JSON/LD Microdata ready (schema.org) for SEO
  • Automatically Works with Analytics
  • Image alt/title tags
  • Metadata included for social sites- posts show up with image, author, etc..
  • Title, subtitle, description, and other SEO fields automatically used for SEO
  • All SEO fields have custom overrides

Drafts, Publishing, And Authors

  • Total Draft and Publish control.
  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Three levels of Scot's Blogger accounts: publishers, authors, and moderators.
  • Scot's Blogger authors do not need Miva Merchant admin access.
  • The Author's Portal is a relaxing writing environment where your authors worry about one thing: writing
  • Author pen names can optionally be customized for a post.
  • Assign various global and category specific permissions to authors

Misc Features

  • Blog it! Automatically create a blog post from a product.
  • Links manager for easy affiliate blogging.
  • Feeds - RSS/ATOM
  • Automatic AMP pages for post content.
  • Automatic sitemap generator for posts.
  • Archives.
  • Most popular post list.
  • Organizer containers for posts, categories, links, whatever.
  • Related links/posts functionality.
  • Sticky posts
  • Manual or auto ordering of posts
  • Ajax star ratings for articles (fully microdata'd out)
  • Link posts to pages, products, and categories - use posts as product descriptions.

Blog Templates

  • Scot's Blogger supports multiple blogs which can share a template or have their own custom layout.
  • Blog templates are store pages and can be customized in any way for any kind of blog display.
  • Posts can have template overrides and use other custom pages to display.

Categories and Tags

  • Categories can be nested (parent categories, unlimited levels.)
  • A post can be assigned to multiple categories.
  • Categories display in the sidebar and act as expected.
  • Tags create tag buttons on a post - click a tag to get all the posts sharing the tag.


  • Comments are optional
  • Supports nested comments (optional).
  • Comments- can be set to auto-censor for pre-moderation concerns
  • Comments can be turned off/on for individual articles or across categories.
  • Anonymous comments option per category or post.
  • Moderators can censor or delete comments as they read them

Are you a writer looking for a good eCommerce solution? Miva Merchant and Scot's Blogger could be the way to go.

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