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Scot's Mailing list / Email Tracking Explained

Email Tracking Explained

Message tracking is controlled by an image call that contacts the scotmail script which then tracks where the call came from. This is a very unscientific method of tracking emails, but it's the only method available when it comes to tracking opened emails, whether you're using Scot's Mailing List, mail chimp, constant contact, or any others.

Reasons this tracking might not show what's really going on include:

1. The person does not have images turned on in their email client. This will ignore all tracking and we can't do anything about it.

2. A robot or server spam catcher or server bounce robot might have "snooped" in the email to see if it was spam or not and called the image which would show up as a hit.

3. Certain email clients might show images on preview which would also cause the hit counter to move.

Since the image call is coming from an email being read, not a lot of information is sent to the scotmail program so it's not possible to distinguish where the call is coming from, if it's a human, a bot, or software preview.
updated February 16, 2016