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Scot's Mailing list / News


January 9, 2020: Version 3.36 is available.

Added a block list that can be used to block email addresses and IP addresses at the top level: they can't be added to any list.

Also added %ip_address% token so that you can add it to your verification emails. This way if someone complains of spam because someone else signed them up, they can complain to their ISP about the IP address instead of complaining about you.

July 27, 2018:

Scot's Mailing List 3.35 update is available. This fixes lots of little bugs that have been reported over the years, includes a bit of an admin face lift, lots of new features, and here's the best part:

Version 3.35 includes a way to block spammers from adding email addresses. You will need to sign up for an api key at for this to work.

Jan 24, 2018:

Tired of getting emails flagged for spam? Mail Tester is a great free service where you can check them before sending:

May 27, 2017: Premailer

Premailer is a very nice free utility that will save you time by converting regular HTML pages to valid "Email HTML". Premailer automatically replaces classes with equivalent inline styles. It does not turn <div>...</div> tags into tables, so keep using tables for grid and container formatting.

Jan 10, 2017: Cross Platform Email Rendering

Here's a great rundown of how to make emails that work across all browsers and mobile devices/apps: The Do's and Dont's of Cross-Platform Email Design

Nov 22, 2016: Chrome Browser and Endless Loop Problems

If you've installed plugins for Chrome to get around subscription services for newspapers, hide your identity, and other header manipulation plugins, it could cause the message sending loop to go on forever. My advice is to use a "clean" browser for the send process. Something like Opera or Edge would be my choice.

June 17, 2016: Settings for Miva Servers

If you moved to Miva for your hosting, click here for quick instructions on getting your SMTP setup correct for outgoing emails.

POP/Bounce back problems: Miva says, "We haven't implemented SSL/TLS support for MvPOP yet. We can get it on the radar for some future version, but it is currently not a high priority."

Until Miva updates this part of the language, the bounce utility will not work for those affected. In the meantime, I've found some software out there that does the job of creating a bounce list that you can use to remove email addresses with:

Are your emails getting flagged as spam? Here's a nice and somewhat up-to-date article about what phrases and words to avoid in email messages and subject lines:

Also check out a site is called Mail Tester that will let you know if your email could be flagged as spam.

Is your host complaining about bulk emails?

If so and you want to continue using Scot's Mailing List, consider using a third party SMTP service. There are quite a few out there. We do not have experience with them, yet, but here are a few that might be worth looking at. Do a search for "outgoing smtp server" for more options.

Looking for some sophisticated and simple email templates? Check these out at:

Facebook Signup App

Here are some examples: Invincible Music Recording, Chico's Paradise Music, and Treasures of the Southwest

Forward to a Friend: Click Here for step by step instructions and descriptions.

CSS Issues in your newsletters usually mean that your CSS is not "inline". Keep in mind you can't load style sheets in emails. Check the links below for useful information.

Email templates make it easy to create good looking emails, and I found a site with some free ones that look decent:

Blank delivery room screens and other mailing list errors that seem too big for the list utilities to fix are never a match for The Ultimate List Fix - three simple steps that will solve any mailing list issue.

Redirect problem in Already Subscribed Page: easy fix, manually put the redirect in there. click here for examples of how to do that.

updated January 11, 2020