Gallery plugin for Miva Merchant

The Gallery Image SEO and Display for Miva Merchant for Miva Merchant

The Gallery makes it easy to use third party image gallery plugins.
Stock image galleries in Miva Merchant can seem limiting at times. The Gallery fixes that. Take full control of your media and image SEO.
Use The Gallery for videos, music, images, text, html, whatever you like. The only limitations are your imagination and the image gallery plugin you choose to use.

The Gallery Image SEO and Display for Miva Merchant v1.080

Display your product videos, images, sound bytes, and any other kind of media in The Gallery for Miva Merchant. Import different gallery styles and try them out in moments. Image SEO for Miva Merchant has never been easier. Add custom collections of video and other media to your product images.

Demos: Refresh this page with different image libraries and styles already supported by The Gallery.

unite carouselunite compact thumbs bottomunite compact thumbs rightunite default themeunite grid thumbs leftunite grid thumbs bottomtiles gridunite tilesunite tiles nestedBX Slider Basicfeatherlight basic

Note on demos: Not all demo links will look "good" here because of the page design, but they do show you how easy it is to change styles and what many of the libraries and styles look like.

License Information

Most licenses are good for the lifetime of the product. In some cases there may be an update fee for major version changes (v1 to v2, etc...)

Miva Merchant Compatibility: Miva Merchant updates can occasionally break modules. Let us know if you run into any issues after an update.

License Fee: $99.00

Module Downloads: Use the download button above.

FastFAQs for The Gallery Image SEO and Display for Miva Merchant
1. Can I add videos to my product images?

Yes. It does depend on if the gallery library supports videos, but Unite Gallery, Featherlight, and BX Slider (the three libraries available at the time of this writing) all support videos.

2. How can this module support all the different galleries?
It's kind of a manager for gallery and other plugins. In the styles settings you can set up javascript, css, looping code, the wrapper, and other bits. However, you don't have to mess with the techy side of it at all because all galleries and styles can easily be imported with a click.
3. How does importing galleries work?

It's as simple as it gets: You click the import button, and then the gallery library comes up and you click on the gallery you want to import. If there's a gallery out there you want to use let us know and we'll add it to the gallery library.

4. What if I want to use a gallery that's not in the library?

You can request that we add it, it's that simple. Or if you're of a more technical mind, it's quite easy to add galleries and gallery styles yourself.

5. Can I customize how it works?

Absolutely. The gallery libraries and styles that you import can be edited or updated in any way.

6. Can I see it in action?

We're using it here. The images you see are using the Unite Gallery type with the Carousel style. The Unite Gallery import library comes with 18 different styles- tiles, sliders, carousels, videos, and more.

7. How do I add videos and more images to my product images?

Every product can have it's own custom collection that is seamlessly mixed in with your existing product images. And, it's SUPER EASY to add vids and images. Using The Gallery you can change the order of appearance, add alt and title tags, and include descriptions.

8. Can I show text and have HTML and Iframe content in my image/media collections?

Yes, in fact there's a special "image" type called HTML where you can not only enter HTML, but MVT and regular store page scripting.

9. How does it help with Miva Merchant SEO, does it give me Image SEO?

Image SEO is a big, big deal, and Miva Merchant stores just don't handle it very well. The Unite Gallery module lets you customize your image ALT tag so that your products show up in image search results. You can also add more text so that your images have descriptions which helps SEO even more.

10. What about all these nature pictures?

Just examples of how the module works :)

Want FastFAQs for your store? Get the module!

Click Here to see a mixed video/image custom gallery in action at Invincible Music!

The Gallery is the only Miva Merchant Image SEO Gallery module you'll ever need because it can handle any gallery plugin out there.

The Gallery gives you product image SEO, mixed media galleries (mix your product images with videos!) and more.

Installation is a breeze, and setting it up is just as easy.

Main Features

seo for product images and other store images
Framework for making any kind of image gallery
add custom collections to product images
media collections can include videos (if the gallery type/style handles it)
create media collections and display as galleries anywhere in your store
import new gallerie types and gallery styles
add your own galleries and styles to The Gallery galleries repository

Gallery Libraries Available for Import

This library will grow as time goes on and people request more galleries. As of Sept 5, 2018, the following gallery plugins can be imported automatically:

  1. Unite Gallery
  2. BX Slider Gallery
  3. Featherlight Gallery