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Scot's 301 Redirect & .htaccess Utility / Overview


What is a 301 redirect? What is a .htaccess file?

An .htaccess file is a cryptic bit of web voodoo that controls what happens when someone browses to a web page on your sever. The .htaccess file controls what shows up in the browser's URL bar. The .htaccess file is the first thing that happens when someone comes to a page. The .htaccess file can also bring your site down if an entry has a mistake.

301 redirects are a way to tell search engines that you've changed a page URL.

When a link on your site changes you must inform search engines of this so they can make the connection between the old page and the new one. You do this by creating a 301 redirect in your .htaccess file. If you skip this step when a page URL changes you will lose some SEO because anyone who has linked to your page will find a 404 error, "page not found", instead of the page you intended.

Your hard earned links out in web world don't go to the right page anymore.

The "301 Redirects & .htaccess Editor by Scot's Scripts" module for Miva Merchant makes it easy to create 301 redirects, add other custom .htaccess settings, and directly edit the .htaccess file with ease from your Miva Merchant store administration.

updated February 02, 2016