Clone attribute template for Miva Merchant

Clone Attribute Template for Miva Merchant

This module gives you a copy of an attribute template.
Easily create unassigned copies of complex attributes templates in your Miva Merchant store.
Sometimes copying or linking an attribute template isn't enough because you have to fill in all the details. Why not make a copy instead and then tweak the details you need to change?

Clone Attribute Template v1.050

Duplicate an entire product attribute template in one click.

License Information

Most licenses are good for the lifetime of the product. In some cases there may be an update fee for major version changes (v1 to v2, etc...)

Miva Merchant Compatibility: Miva Merchant updates can occasionally break modules. Let us know if you run into any issues after an update.

License Fee: $249.00

Module Downloads: Use the download button above.

Clone Attribute Templates is a Miva Merchant module that duplicates an entire product attribute template in one click. It leaves the template unassigned so you can easily tweak it and assign it to a new product.

It can take a lot of time to adjust product attribute templates, especially if they have a lot of options. Don't waste any more time setting up a new template when you can duplicate an old one and make a few changes.

This Miva Merchant module lets you clone your product attribute templates and all options in one click. That's it. Click, copy, done.