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The Gallery Overview

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The Gallery for Miva Merchant is the only module you will ever need for galleries because it can handle virtually any gallery plugin out there.

Useful Terminology

Gallery Types 
These contain all of the gallery styles.

Gallery Styles 
These are the CSS, JS, HTML, and other settings that that control gallery display, such as tiles, sliders, and other options the gallery type supports.

These are custom media collections that could include videos, sound, text, html, miva template code, iframe embed codes, and more. You can set up collections that are displayed with your product images, good for adding video to product galleries. 

Importing a gallery and gallery styles is as easy as clicking on the blue import icon. A list of supported galleries will appear and you can import the gallery of your choice. If you know of a gallery you'd like to use, let Scot's Scripts know. Exporting is useful if you have developed some gallery styles you want to share. Contact Scot's Scripts about that as well.


Jquery: Most if not all of these galleries require jQuery. If you're store doesn't load it and you need help, go to support.

Product image gallery: Put the gallery page item and head entity just before the closing head tag on your PROD page so it looks like this: 
<mvt:item name="thegallery" param="gallery_type_code style_code products" /> </head>
Note: the gallery_type_code is a the code from the gallery type you want to use, and the style_code corresponds to the code of the gallery style you are using.

Custom gallery: Replace the products key word with a collection code. For example, for a collection with the code people_in_water the page item would look like this: 
<mvt:item name="thegallery" param="gallery_type_code style_code people_in_water" />

Gallery display: Put  in the spot your want the gallery to show up.

Foot tag: Put this just above the closing body tag so it looks like this: