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Scot's Mailing list / SMTP Problems with Miva Hosting

SMTP Problems with Miva Hosting

If you switch to Miva for hosting, you will need to update your scotmail configuration to take care of added security on the SMTP server.

You will n eed version 3.34 or above for this. Contact us if you need a copy.

Preferred Setup for Sites on Miva Hosting

Normally the steps below work on a Miva hosted site, however, if it doesn't work, try the alternate setup below.

In the scotmail configuration, make the following changes to the SMTP Server settings. Let's assume your domain is

SMTP Server:

This is your domain with at the end.

SMTP authentication username:

This is a valid email address on your domain- it must be from your domain.

Port: 587

SMTP flags: starttls

That's it, your outgoing emails should work fine now.

Note: turn off Use POP Authentication if it's on. You do not need this any longer.

Alternate Setup for Sites on Miva Hosting

Lately (mid-2016) some customers on sites hosted by Miva have said that the above setup does not work for them but they were successful getting the settings below to do the job. If setup 1 doesn't work, try the following.

SMTP Server: localhost

Port: 25

Leave all other SMTP settings blank.

Miva's Help Page

If all else fails, this is the official Miva help page for email setup. Some people say this works perfectly, others say differently. Either way, it's a resource to help you get this working:

updated July 12, 2016