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Miva Script 101 / Overview


Getting into MIVA script? Just looking for some examples? This area is growing and has some useful working miva scripts and miva script tutorials. The downloadable scripts here contain commented miva script source code and many of them have associated tutorials and explanations.

Mivascript Driven Websites is a tutorial on different ways of using MIVA script to display web pages and content, including a full dbf database example.

Configuration Files is an example of how to make a configuration system that's very easy to add more fields to. Every miva scripter has to make a configuration file for their scripts at one time or another. This tutorial shows you the easiest way to make a flexible configuration file that can easily have more variables added to it as time goes on and your script grows.

The Simple Databse is intended as a tutorial/example to help beginning Miva developers get started using the built in dbase functions of the miva scripting language.

The feedback form is an example of a simple way to make a feedback form for a website or store. You can use this form as a template to create your own "Contact Us" forms for your website. This is much better than having your email address in the public eye- we all hate spam.

Uploading Files with Mivascript can be confusing at first. This simple upload script explains how to use the Miva scripting langauge to handle uploads to your website.

updated April 23, 2013