Scot's Scripts Miva Merchant Module Support

Scot's Scripts Miva Merchant Module Support

Support for our Miva Modules.
Find answers to your installation and usage questions.
This is the place to start if you have questions about our modules. Most of our Miva Modules are fully documented. Do not hesitate to contact us if you can't find the answer you're looking for!

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Scot's Blogger is used to created this support system.


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Scot's Blogger is a Wordpress replacement for Miva Merchant that makes it easy to blog about products and anything else.

Scot's Blogger is also a powerful Content Management System that lets you create unlimited content for your store without cluttering up your Miva Merchant admin. 

It's an eCommerce Blogging System and CMS for Miva Merchant.

The editor is state of the art and makes creating rich content a breeze. Drag and drop images, see how it's going to look, get under the hood with source editing, and much more.

The module can be used with any framework and has templates, examples, and snippets you can use to display your content, posts, and articles exactly the way you want.

In addition to blog posts, content from Scot's Blogger can be displayed in any way you can imagine. Each post, article, or piece of content can be associated with a custom store page template or displayed anywhere in the store using short codes and page items. In fact, this FAQ system is handled by Scot's Blogger .