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Scot's Mailing list / Password Recovery

Password Recovery

If you are unable to recover your password via email you can manually find the login info on your site using the instructions below.

A common issue regarding sending emails, including password recovery emails, in Scot's Mailing List is if email authentication info changes on your site/server and the Scotmail configuration hasn't been updated to reflect the changes.

Step 1

FTP into your site and navigate to your miva data area. It could be called mivadata or private or something else. If you have trouble finding it ask your host.

Step 2

Navigate into the smr_scotmail directory.

Step 3

If you are using an older version of Scot's Mailing List you can probably find your login info in the config.dat file

If the info is not in the config.dat then you're using a more recent version of the software and your login info will be found in the users.dbf file.

If neither of these options work, send the users.dbf (if it exists) and the config.dat file to support and we'll try to discern the login info from those files.

updated August 05, 2019