Accept tips and donations in Miva Merchant. Miva Merchant easy invoicing.

Custom Prices for Miva Merchant

Donations, tips, and open ended invoices in Miva Merchant has always been difficult... until now.
Accept tips and donations in Miva Merchant with our Custom Attribute Price module. This module can also be used for invoices and any other situation where the price is open ended.
Want a tip jar for your Miva Merchant store? A way to let your customers donate through your Miva Merchant store? How about a simple way to deal with invoicing your customers? Custom Attribute Price may sound like a boring module but it gives you all the tools you need for unlimited open ended payment options in Miva Merchant.

Custom Prices v1.000

License Information

Most licenses are good for the lifetime of the product. In some cases there may be an update fee for major version changes (v1 to v2, etc...)

Miva Merchant Compatibility: Miva Merchant updates can occasionally break modules. Let us know if you run into any issues after an update.

License Fee: $129.00

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FastFAQs for Custom Prices
How does it work?

The idea is simple. You create a specific attribute for a product which is then used by the module to store a custom price. The module is actually called "Custom Attribute Price" once it's installed.

Can I use a QR code with this module?

Of course. In fact... we have a QR Code module that you could use to create and print out QR Codes to your tip jar/invoice/etc page where customers and other people can give you money.

How do I accept tips in Miva Merchant?
Use this module :) Seriously, this is a very simple module that lets people give you however much money you want for all sorts of reasons. Turn Miva Merchant into a tip jar, let customers pay for invoices, and more.
Can this be used with more than one product in my store?

Yes. The module uses a text attribute field for price adjustments so any product that you add the attribute to can be used with this module.

Can I use this to make one charge even if the customer adds more than one to the basket?


Attributes are considered part of the product and the attribute price is always multiplied by the product quantity. There is nothing we can do about this until Miva adds some kind of "fixed price" attribute.

Want FastFAQs for your store? Get the module!


Custom Attribute Price gives you the ability to create a product and let your customers enter a price they want to pay. It uses a product attribute which means the name, code, and price of the entry will show up in all checkout steps and order reports without any extra coding.

This module is useful for donations, tips, invoices, open ended gift certificates, and more.


Open the PRODUCT DISPLAY (PROD) page and click the ITEMS tab and assign the CUSTOMAP: Custom Attribute Price item to the page.

Open the PRODUCT DISPLAY LAYOUT section of the template and add the following page item just above the closing </form> tag for the ADD TO CART form.

<mvt:item name="customap" param="set_data()" />

If it's hard to find the form, look for name="quantity" which is the quantity input field and/or check for name="add" which is often the name of the form.
This page item creates a hidden field to let the module know the product is being used for a custom attribute price.

How to Use

Create a text attribute for a product you want to use this for by:

  1. open (or create) the product to edit - price can be 0 or some other amount
  2. click on the ATTRIBUTES tab
  3. click on the blue ADD ATTRIBUTE button

Attribute Settings:

  • code: customap
  • prompt: whatever you want it to be - this will also show up in the basket
  • type: text field
  • price: leave at 0
  • required: optional, turn it on if you want

The module is now set up. When a customer visits the product, whatever amount they type in the text attribute field will used as the price for the attribute.


  1. This module only works for positive values. If a customer enters a negative value for the price it won't be accepted as the attribute price. Note that the product will still be added to the cart and the negative value will show up in the basket option list but without a price.
  2. It doesn't matter if the customer enters the $ in their amount number; the module will strip it out.
  3. This works for single item ADPR add to cart. Multi add ADPM is not supported at this time.
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