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Scot's Mailing list / How to Move Scotmail to a New Server

How to Move Scotmail to a New Server

Moving Scot's Mailing List to a new server is easy and painless.


FTP software such as Filezilla or Total Commander. There are many other FTP software packages out there, but I like these two. In essence, FTP software software lets you connect to your website and download/upload files, almost as if it were connected to your computer like a backup drive.

Step 1: Downloading the Script Files

Most of the time Scot's Mailing List will be installed in the root directory of your site. This means it's probably in a top level directopry called htdocs or httpdocs or something like that. For example, your script files might be in:


The key is to find the scotmail.mvc file and then download the entire parent directory (probably scotmail) to a temporary location on your computer.

Step 2: Download the Data Files

When you move your Miva Merchant site over to a new server not only do you move the script files, such as merchant.mvc or scotmail.mvc (in this case) you also have to move the data files.

All of Scot's Mailing List data is contained in a data directory called smr_scotmail which is located in the root of your Miva data directory.

Finding the data files can be tricky sometimes, but usually you'll find them behind a top level directory called private or a top level directory called mivadata or a combination, such as private/mivadata. If you can't find the data files ask your host where they are on your site.

When you've found your Miva data area you'll see the smr_scotmail directory right there. The next step is to download the entire data directory as is to your computer. This could take a while if you have large mailing lists.

Step 4: Upload Your Files

The next step is the reverse of Steps 1 and 2. Go to your new site and upload the scotmail script directory to your httpdocs area and upload the smr_scotmail data directory to your Miva data area.

Note that the script and data areas of your new site could be different from the script and data areas of your old site, so check steps 1 and 2 again for ideas on where to find these spots if you're having trouble.

Important Information About Changing Servers:

After you've changed servers you'll probably need to go into your scotmail configuration to make sure the SMTP settings are correct for your new hosting setup. Sometimes you don't have to change anything, other times big changes are necessary. If you're moving to a server hosted by Miva make sure you check the FAQ about getting your SMTP settings right on Miva servers.

Let Us Do the Work:

If you're still having trouble making this work, Scot's Scripts will do the move for you for $75. This includes moving the files and making sure the system is set up to work in your new servers.

updated June 28, 2016