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Miva Merchant 5 and Up

Scot's Mailing List comes with a free module to help you integrate it within your Miva Merchant 5 store. The module for Merchant 5 is in the zip file:


Module Installation

Miva Merchant 5 is a wonderful piece of software for selling your goods online. However all those cool features that make it so customizable also make it more complex. So, here is a basic step by step guide to installing your merchant 5 module.

Merchant 5 module filename: scotmail_merchant5.mvc

These instructions assume that you have a basic understanding of how to administrate your store. For more detailed instructions, see the Miva Merchant docs on at

Step One: Install Module

1. Upload and install module

2. After the module is added to the Merchant 5 system, display your store links and click on "Utilities", check the Scot's Mailing List box, and click on Update.

3. Look in the "system extension" modules and make sure Scot's Mailing List is there as well already checked.

4. Carefully go through the module administration to set it up the way you want and configure required fields before the module will function properly.

Step Two: Add "scotmail" item to your store

1. Click on Pages

2. Click on Items

3. Click on "add item", then click on "look up", then click on "select" next to Scot's Mailing List Merchant 5 Module

4. Type "scotmail" in for the code (without double quotes)

5. Click on Add

At this time the module is installed. The administration for the module is located in the Utilities area of your Merchant admin. Click on Utilities in the left menu area and you should see a menu item under Store Utility Configuration to get into the Scot's Mailing List Module administration.

There are several ways you can get customers on your mailing list which are described below.

Signup Option 1: Automatic Signups

Automatic signups make loading email addresses into your mailing list easy; when a customer is finished paying, they are added to your email list. Set this up by placing the hidden field below between the form tags on a store page that has any kind of form submit button (update, add to cart, etc):

<input TYPE="hidden" NAME="smr_subscribe" VALUE="list_id">

List ID: Each mailing list has it's own id code which is found on the mailing list properties page, so make sure you update the list_id value above with the id of the mailing list you're working with.

Signup Option 2: Manual Subscriptions

This option will add a checkbox to your payment page so your customers can opt into your mailing list from the payment page.

Basic opt-in setup:

1. In your Miva Merchant Admin, click on "Pages" and find the "OPAY Checkout: Payment Information" - you can use other pages, but this seems to be the most popular one for this.

In the items section, make sure you have checked the scotmail item.

2. Click the "edit" button to the right of the page you want the subscription checkbox to be on.

3. Put the following code on the page where you want the subscription options to show up:


A good place to put the code above is right next to or under the payment information area. Put it under the payment area by finding the text below on the OPAY page. Find field:code first, then just a few lines down you'll see the rest.

<mvt:item name="payment" param="field:code" />

This is only an example, you can put the page item anywhere you want in the page of course.

Update the page.

Signup Option 3: Added June 2019

If options 1 and 2 don't work, this next method will get the job done no matter what. It seems that in some newer Miva Merchant stores option 1 and option 2 don't always work as expected. This method will always work.

Add the following inputs to the OCST (customer information) page inside the <form>....</form> tags. Usually right above the submit button works great. You will need to style your inputs to match whatever framework you are using.

This code will give your customer the opportunity to sign up with their billing email address.

<label>Keep me up to date on news and exclusive offers</label>
<input type="checkbox" name="scotmail_add_billemail" value="1" checked>

You can also add a checkbox for their shipping address:

<div> <label>Keep me up to date on news and exclusive offers</label> <input type="checkbox" name="scotmail_add_shipemail" value="1" checked> </div>

Now, on the OSEL (shipping/payment selection) page, add the following code:

<mvt:if expr="g.scotmail_add_billemail">
<mvt:call action = "'' $ g.billemail" method = "'GET'"></mvt:call>
<mvt:if expr="g.scotmail_add_shipemail">
<mvt:call action = "'' $ g.shipemail" method = "'GET'"></mvt:call>

Note 1: change the scotmail url to match your installation.

Note 2: change XXXXXX to the mailing list ID to your mailing list ID. This is found in the module or the scotmail admin.

updated June 21, 2019