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Content Wizard / Overview


Content Wizard Instructions

Click on a ReadyTheme code to create content that will replace the default ReadyTheme content for this page. If there is no custom content, the default readytheme content will display normally.

Display your custom content by replacing readytheme page items with Content Wizard page items. First make sure the contentwizard page item (ITEMS tab) is activated. Then change the readytheme page item name from readytheme to contentwizard.

For example, a basic readytheme page item:

<mvt:item name="readytheme" param="contentsection( 'about-us-homepage' )" />

To use the Content Wizard, change "readytheme" to "contentwizard" like this:

<mvt:item name="contentwizard" param="contentsection( 'about-us-homepage' )" />

Main Replacement Content
Content here will simply replace the default readytheme content. No other options are required.
display above
This displays the main replacement content above the readytheme content.
display below
This displays the main replacement content below the readytheme content.
do not display readytheme content
This option turns off the readytheme content for this page and overrides any other settings.
This content is diplayed above the readytheme content.
This content is diplayed under the readytheme content.
Schedule content to display starting at a certain date/time.
Schedule a date/time for the content to stop displaying.
Use this to insert the main replacement content above into your readytheme content. If you create a token called special_deal then you would use it in your readytheme like this: [[special_deal]]

updated January 11, 2018