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Scot's FAQ Manager / Overview


Note: the documentation for this module is for last version. We are working on updating this as we finish renovations to the site. Most of the information pertains to the new module. Note that the code of this module has been changed from MvFAQ to scotfaq so everything in the FAQs referring to MvFAQ should be changed to scotfaq. Feel free to contact us if you need help.

The MvFAQ module is a powerful way to create FAQs, documentation, and any other kind of linked content in your store.

Parent categories that can hold sub-categories and FAQs
Child categories that can hold FAQs
A content item linked to a parent or child category.
Page template created automatically when the module was installed.
Page template created during installation. Don't edit this unless you really need to because updates to this page will be coming out as time goes on.

Using it Out of the Box

You can use this module out of the box, mostly. You still have to put the FAQ html page code in a FAQ page and you still have to put the CSS page code in the head of that page, but that's all you have to do.

MvFAQ Manager is also very flexible if you have custom applications in mind because all the output is based on the page template.

updated March 18, 2015