Watermark your product images in Miva Merchant

Watermark for Miva Merchant for Miva Merchant

Full featured automatic or manual watermarking for Miva Merchant.
Watermarking images isn't just for copyright protection, they are free advertising. When someone uses one of your images for their blog your watermark is front and center.

Watermark for Miva Merchant v1.220

Watermark is a Miva Merchant module that watermarks your product and other images with text, graphic overlay, or both.

Image gallery by The Gallery module using Unite gallery with unite_compact_b setting.

License Required
FastFAQs for Watermark for Miva Merchant
1. How does it work, in 10 words or less?
It watermarks new and existing images automatically.
2. Does it make backups?

Yes- and you can restore and protect images very easily.

3. How can I test?

The module admin has a non-destructive preview so you can get your watermarks exactly right before going live.

4. Can I use a graphic overlay, like a transparent PNG file?

Yes! You can also adjust it's size and positioning on the product image.

5. What if I just want to use a text overlay?

This is easily done with the module, and you can also preview and massage your text overlay until it's perfect before going live.

Want FastFAQs for your store? Get the module!

Watermarking your Miva Merchant product images is an important part of image protection, marketing, and branding. Remember how watermarking used to take a lot of time? Not anymore.



There are a lot of reasons to watermark your images in Miva Merchant and this module will do it for you.

Copyright and Theft Protection

Your Miva store images are probably the result someone putting a lot of time into making them look great and simply put, you don't want people to steal them.

Next thing you know, a blogger comes along and decides to use one of your product images without giving you credit for it.

Marketing and Branding

If your Miva Merchant product images are watermarked and someone uses them for a blog or shares them, that means you get free marketing. If someone likes what they see in the image, they can more easily track you down and purchase products.

Watermark Options

Watermark gives you the option of adding a text watermark to your product or other images, a graphic overlay watermark, or both.

Use a graphic overlay for your logo and siganture, and a text watermark for the copyright and site designation. All bases covered.

Behind the Scenes - Set and Forget

It doesn't matter if your Miva Merchant store has one image or 10,000 images. Watermark can take care of it behind the scenes without getting in the way of people buying products.

Watermark Testing

You don't turn Watermark on until you want to. That means you can test your watermarks as much as you want.

The testing experience is simple and watermark previews are non-destructive: no product images get harmed in the process.

Product Image Backups and Restore

Watermark automatically backs up your images so it's easy to restore an image that has been watermarked.

Protect Images

In addition to restoring original images, you have options to protect images from being watermarked. This is useful if you see a product image that doesn't need to be watermarked or isn't suitable for a watermark.

Other Utilities

Watermark images by inputting a list of images or a directory where images are stored. Perfect for those who want more control and want to watermark more than just product images.

Product Utilities

You can watermark a product's images from the product edit screen. Watermark, protect, and restore and all right there, and you can visually see the original and watermarked images to make sure they look good.

Final Thoughts

You simply can't go wrong watermarking your Miva Merchant images. There are a lot of services online to do it, most of them charge a fee, and yes, they get the job done. However when you have Watermark in your store, everything is at your fingertips and you never have to remember to watermark and image again and that time can be spent making more sales.