Scot's Scripts, coding for Miva Merchant since the 1990s

Scot's Scripts Miva Developers

Miva Merchant development since the 1990's.
Scot Ranney is the lead developer for Scot's Scripts and has been coding for online applications since the mid 1980's.

Online Development

Scot's been coding in the online arena since the 1980's when he designed bulletin board systems (BBS's) in the C coding language. This included customizing popular systems of the time such as Stonehenge and Citadel for his own BBS projects. He transitioned to web coding and development in early 90s' which soon led to coding for Miva Merchant stores.

Jazz Piano

When he's not coding and computerizing, Scot plays jazz piano locally and internationally. His music career began in the late 80's, right about the same time as his computerizing career. Check for information Scot's music.

About Scot's Miva Scripts and Scot Ranney
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