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FastFAQs: stores crave it

FastFAQs: stores crave it v2.000

Spend less time answering questions and more time making your business grow. FAQs have never been easier. Fast and easy automatic folding FAQs for products, categories, and pages. No hassle, simple to install, convenient and easy to use FAQs.

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FastFAQs for FastFAQs: stores crave it

1. How do FastFAQs work?

When you're editing a product, page, or category, you can click on the FAQs tab to bring up the FastFAQs admin.

From there you enter your questions, enter your answers, then click the update button to save your changes and make them live.

2. Can anyone make a FastFAQ?


3. Who should use FastFAQs?

If your store has unique items or a catalog with items that could use some explanation, don't take up page real estate with your questions and answers, put them all in a little FAQ block.

I don't know if FAQs increase sales, but I know for a FAQt (get it? sort of FAQ humor!) that a good set of FAQ drastically cuts down on those time consuming support emails.

4. Are these FAQs made out of the FastFAQs module?

Yes, and this particular FAQ is set for HTML formatting instead of auto-formatting so we can use any valid HTML tags, such as:

Code tags are cool.

Sometimes you want lists:

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4, out the door
5. Why is FastFAQs so inexpensive?

Simple answer: it's such a useful module that we want everyone to have it. That's why we priced it lower than a high end Martini.

6. Can one FAQ close while another opens? I only want one FAQ open at a time.

Yes, see the FastFAQs support area for a small change to the footer code.

7. Can I use HTML in my FAQs?

The answer is a big YES.

FAQs default to "auto-format" which inserts HTML to create line breaks, but if you want to add HTML for different colors or other HTML elements, such as a horizontal line:

or different fonts, it's very easy to do.

Want FastFAQs for your store? Get the module!

New for 2.0:

FAQ sharing: create "master" FAQs and then share them with your products, pages, and categories.


FastFAQs is a convenient way to make FAQs for your products. Setup takes around 5 minutes and then you create FAQs the same time you are editing your product.

FAQs for your products, categories, pages, and other store items have never been easier.

FAQs save you time- the more FAQs you have, the less people will email you for support.

Managing your product FAQs has never been easier.

See FastFAQs in action in other Miva Merchant stores:

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