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Clicked: in-store click-to-edit / Everything is set up but Clicked isn't working!

Everything is set up but Clicked isn't working!

1. Are you logged into your editor account?

You must enter your customer account login username in the Clicked module settings page. Not login information, not login email address, just the username as it is when you open up the customer account in the admin.

If you are, test it by going into the admin and putting this code somewhere towards the bottom of the product page:

<p>Editor: <mvt:eval expr="g.clicked_is_editor" /></p>

Reload the page in the store and see if your username shows up where you put that code. If it does not, make sure you're logged into the right customer account.

2. Did you put the Clicked head and foot page items?

Take a look at the installation FAQ on how to do that and/or double check your work.

3. Are you using a Miva Readytheme?

Sometimes the ReadyThemes "defer" javascript. Go into MENU > USER INTERFACE > SETTINGS and find where jquery.js is loaded. It will be in the global footer and probably look something like:

<script src="&mvte:global:theme_path;/js/jquery.min.js" defer></script>

If you see the word defer in there, remove it:

<script src="&mvte:global:theme_path;/js/jquery.min.js"></script>

4. Did you add Clicked page items to the page?

If you want to edit the product description, you must find the spot on the page that displays the product description - &mvt:product:descrip; - and put the Clicked page item around it:

<mvt:item name="clicked" param="product-description">&mvt:product:descrip;</mvt:item>

These don't go in the head of the page or anywhere else, these Clicked page items are put in the content of the page around the parts you want to be able to edit.

5. Everything is set up right but I don't see any edit areas?

Clicked is invisible until you click the area you want to edit. If you want to edit the product description, click anywhere in it and the editor will instantly appear.

updated May 31, 2017