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Module Function Reference


If you want to call Clicked functions on a page that has no Clicked page items, you will need to load the configuration first. This only needs to happen once on a page and should happen before any other Clicked functions are used.

<mvt:do file="g.Module_Root $ '/modules/util/clicked.mvc'" name="l.is_editor" value="config()" />

Check If Current Customer is a Clicked Editor

<mvt:do file="g.Module_Root $ '/modules/util/clicked.mvc'" name="l.is_editor" value="is_editor()" />

This returns a boolean letting you know if the currently logged in customer is a Clicked editor.

This could be used to create special areas for editing things like custom fields that are not visible on the page.

For example, if you had a couple custom fields called new_product_color and super_sale used to control whether or not a block of content is displayed on the page, you could set up an editing area for Clicked editors that regular customers would never see.

<mvt:do file="g.Module_Root $ '/modules/util/clicked.mvc'" name="l.is_clicked_editor" value="is_editor()" />
<mvt:if expr="l.is_clicked_editor">
<mvt:item name="clicked" param="new_product_color cf">
<mvt:item name="clicked" param="super_sale cf">

Clean Number

This is a utility function to remove all non-numeric characters from a string. It returns the number.

<mvt:do file="g.Module_Root $ '/modules/util/clicked.mvc'" name="l.clean_number" value="clean_number(l.string)" />

If you passed $10,000.00 the function would return 10000.00

Not a lot of interesting stuff here, but config() and is_editor() will give you something to work with.

updated May 16, 2017