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Clicked: in-store click-to-edit / Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Clicked supports text and textarea style product custom fields which let you create complex product layouts that can easily be fleshed out purely using click-to-edit.

You can also set up default content templates for custom fields in your template product.

Ever wanted your store to be template driven click-to-edit? Now it is.

Custom Field Click-to-Edit Setup

Custom fields must be designated as such for Clicked to work. It's very easy. For example, if you have a custom field called product_history, you would make it click-to-edit by adding the cf control word:

<mvt:item name="clicked" param="product_history cf">

The first part of the param is the custom field code, the second part is cf which tells the system it's a custom field. Now it's an editable area.

Edit Custom Fields Without HTML

Use the cfnotags control word to strip HTML from the content.

<mvt:item name="clicked" param="product_year cfnotags"> &mvt:product:customfield_values:customfields:product_year; </mvt:item>
updated May 17, 2017