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Clicked: in-store click-to-edit / Overview


Clicked lets you edit areas of your store while you are browsing as a customer.

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Clicked Editor Demo Page

If you run across a misspelling or want to change a price, simply click on it, edit it, then save it without ever going into the Miva Merchant admin.


  • product name
  • product description *
  • product header *
  • product footer *
  • product price
  • product weight
  • product cost
  • product inventory
  • product custom fields (text and textarea) *


  • category name
  • category header *
  • category footer *

We are adding editable areas upon request, so let us know what you need if you don't see it above. Please keep in mind that not everything in your store can be made editable, especially areas that contain more than one page entity (<mvt:...;) or page item (<mvt:item ...>) that both create content. Most people won't have to worry about this. Ask us if you have any questions.

* These areas can also optionally have buttons that will create content if it does not exist. Not only that, the created content can be set up in templates.

System Requirements:

Clicked requires jQuery and Miva Merchant.

updated May 16, 2017