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Release Notes

AMP Release Notes

This release adds another level of AMP customization that lets you easily create AMP pages out of any page in your store without being constrained to the miscellaneous template. It also adds a lot of sanitizing so products and categories can be displayed without AMP errors, along with many other fixes and improvements.

Nov 2017, v2.0

  • added custom amp template option for all pages in the store (in the AMP tab when editing a page)
  • added custom AMP head/foot/desc options for all categories and products. This makes it easy to customize products and categories that break AMP validation because of invalid html in their default head/foot/desc sections.
  • added custom flyout option to all amp pages in store
  • added automatic strip style tags from headers, footers, descriptions, etc, to help with validation
  • added more sanitizing to product name, new data: l.settings:product:cleanName
  • updated templates to include sub category listings even if there are no products
  • updated templates to better handle image dimensions
  • fixed update issues with custom amp content in store pages other than product and category
  • fixed news links on main config screen
  • fixed copyright code issue
  • fixed it so empty custom fields are ignored
  • misc updates and bug fixes

Nov 28, 2016, v1.102

Minor bug fix release (if you have quotation marks in your product names)

Nov 10, 2016, v1.1

UI redesign, bug fixes, other major updates for performance and stability

v1.0: initial release

updated November 19, 2017

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