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ProContent / Rotate Content Items

Rotate Content Items

This is interesting because it will rotate through all content linked to a content item code. What makes this particularly useful is that you can create things like rotating HTML banners by creating a content item that you don't use in the store as such, and then assign HTML banner content to your products and then rotate through the content in the sidebar, header, footer, or wherever you would use a banner.

For example, make a content item called banners and then start assigning content to it via your products. You could assign via categories or pages, or all of them, it really doesn't matter. You can always keep track by using the master menu link. Use the :display option to immediately display the data, or as usual, you can use the data mode (described in detail above) to display the content.

For example, if we were to rotate through the content of banners and display it right away, we'd do it with a call like below (which also sets it to repeat a banner 5 times before moving on.) To just load the data, don't use the :display option.

<mvt:item name="ProContent" param=":display:rotate content banners repeat5" />

This one loads data for a banner with a default rotation of once per page load.

<mvt:item name="ProContent" param=":rotate content banners" />
updated April 02, 2013