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ProContent / Links: Product and Category

Links: Product and Category

The link code is added to the product and category structure to make it easy to link to a category or product.

The example below links to a product. Keep in mind that the parameter values and display code will vary based on how you're using the module.

<mvt:item name="ProContent" param=":load_products code1" />
  Click on the product name: <a href="&mvt:ProContent:code1:link;">&mvt:ProContent:code1:name;</a>

Linking to a category isn't much different.

<mvt:item name="ProContent" param=":rotate products modules repeat3" />
  Click on the category name: <a href="&mvt:ProContent:modules:category:link;">&mvt:ProContent:modules:category:name;</a>
Note: remember that the code modules is just an example and the actual category code would be from your store.
updated May 14, 2013