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ProContent / Product Display Page Usage Article

Product Display Page Usage Article

This is a discussion about how I used this module in the product pages here on Scot's Scripts. True, the ways to use this module are endless, but the reason this module was written in the first place is the product page.

The only way to get the look I wanted was to create a big product description with a lot of different HTML in it. This method wasn't working out for me so I came up with ProContent.

What makes ProContent useful is that on the web user side, it automatically links content to the product, page, and category codes.

On the administration side, you access it from a tab on the same product your'e working on. There isn't a central administration for ProContent, it's based on each page, category, and product in your store.

So back to the product display page. I decided to make an HTML framework in my product display page and starting plugging in ProContent codes here and there. In my store, everything from the huge page header to the different styles of description text is run by ProContent.

The beautiful thing about this is, if you want to change the layout of the page, you only do it once in the product display template area. Not in each product. You can do this because you've linked places on the page with the custom product data you made. You can make as much as you want, and you can use it as much as you want on the page.

Remember, if you are loading more than one content item, you can put it in the param area at the top of the page and have the data available anywhere in the page for any of the linked content.

updated April 27, 2013