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ProContent / Installation


This is a basic utility module. To install it click on the menu, then on modules. Then click on the + button near the upper right corner of the screen. Upload the module and then click on the + button to add it to the store.

To activate the module, click on the menu button then click on utilities. Go to the add/remove modules tab and find ProContent in on the page and click the install button.

At this point the only thing left to do is go into a category, page, or product and then click on the ProContent tab.

Note about using it for global content such as sidebars, headers, footers, etc: make sure you have the ProContent item selected in every page. The install process for this module does not automatically assign the ProContent item to any pages so this part must be done manually. It's good practice to not assign items to pages if they are not going to be in use, it reduces server overhead and speeds up page loading.

updated March 20, 2015