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ProContent / Content Data

Content Data

head_1 in the examples below is a content item code (see previous page)

The ProContent data is avaiable regardless if you're using the display mode or not. Use StoreMorph scripting to decide if you want to display data or not.

The data name is based on the code of your content. In the example above, your data would be in:


If you had one content block attached to that content item, display it like this:


But, if you had content for the product and the category your customer was in, you wouldn't want them to come up all mixed together. ProContent always loads data for each item into it's own spot. The product, category and page data would be accessible in the following ways.


If you wanted to display the un-compiled template source code of a page, the data is:


You can also call multiple content items by including more than one code in the param area of the page item. You can also mix which ones will be automatically displayed.

param="code1:display code2 code3:display" 

updated April 25, 2013