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Archives for November, 2017

Useful articles about Miva Merchant, Miva Merchant SEO, Miva Scripting, general eCommerce best practices, Miva Merchant module information, and more. We've also posted some Miva Script tutorials, guides, and downloads. This blog is run by Scot's Blogger, a Wordpress style Miva Merchant module.


Scot Ranney, November 10, 2017

Google Analytics

Updating Google Analytics for Scot's Blogger for Miva Merchant

It might be necessary to do a couple minor updates to your canonical URL and Google Analytics settings to make sure your blog posts are tracked correctly.

Scot Ranney, November 08, 2017

Page Templates

Page templates are a starting point for your blog posts and other content.

Scot Ranney, November 10, 2017

SMT Page Items

Total customization possibilities.

Scot Ranney, November 10, 2017


Wordpress style shortcodes to help with common tasks.

Scot Ranney, November 10, 2017

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