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Scot's Blogger is used to created this support system.

Updates and Release Notes

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3.002 Dec 3, 2018

  • bug fix: no extension and custom extension in the blog setup would sometmes conflict
  • bug fix: slugs were sometimes being corrupted
  • bug fix: fixed incorrect display of total drafts in module admin
  • bug fix: sometimes the test import would display cached import data
  • bug fix: sitemaps were writing posts from other blogs instead of current blog
  • bug fix: RSS feed was not picking up on the current blog
  • added more article import fields: comment control, permalink
  • user experience enhancements

3.000 November 14, 2018

  • Create Multiple Blogs
  • Each blog has it's own unique base URL
  • Import Utility - CSV import
  • Major UI Updates
  • Editor Updates and Fixes
  • Bug fixes

August 8, 2018: AMP Warning

There has been an AMP component update and if you scan your Google webmaster tools regularly (as you should!) you'll probably have noticed this. Fix it by going into your AMP tab in the Scot's Blogger module admin and replace the "mustache" javascript file call with this one:

<script async custom-template="amp-mustache" src="https://cdn.ampproject.org/v0/amp-mustache-0.2.js"></script>

2.3 - July 28, 2018 

  • general fixes and updates 
  • major template changes, see the install docs for download links - additional microdata fixes and additions as well
  • lots of editor updates, fixes, and enhancements
  • modernized ratings js, css, ajax, etc... requires template updates 
  • added support for ProjectHoneypot IP lookup: stops spammers in their tracks!
  • added Elements/Shadows templates (download from install docs)
  • added options to toggle editor features (main config)
  • added backup/history for posts/content 
  • added setting for raw link size display (so links don't cut off) 
  • added page title override: set g.scotsblogger_title_override to override page title
  • added font size, family, color buttons to editor
  • added table button to editor
  • added global ratings on/off 
  • added global comments on/off 
  • added use jQuery on/off
  • updated rss feed to include image in item description (not officially supported by RSS but widely used)
  • fixed possible issue in content creator page regarding URI management
  • fixed an issue loading posts from certain categories  
  • fixes and updates to Blog It! one click product blog post
  • fixed a minor issue with loading posts in a category
  • fixed an issue with built in image metadata 
  • fixed rss feed minor issues
  • fixed https style links being changed to http
  • fixed list issues in editor

2.2.1 - March 1, 2018

  • general fixes and updates for a better user experience
  • added option to create physical RSS feed file for stores that can't use dynamic feed files (config tab).
  • fixed comment totals. Use the "reset comment totals" link in the DB Utilities tab to update current totals
  • added support for the watermark module
  • fixed some permalink issues
  • fixed comment link in email

2.2.03 - December 14, 2017

  • minor AMP error fix
  • update from 1.x fix

2.2.01 - November 17, 2017

  • fleshed out feeds
  • fixed pagination bug 
  • other small bug fixes
  • added some simple source view auto-formatting

2.2.0 - November 10, 2017

This is a long list of goodness, including all the updates for 2.0 and 2.1.

2.2.0 has some major template updates. If you update your templates you must also update the htaccess (see the installation guide.)

New Stuff:

  • Blog it! Automatically create a blog post from a product.
  • A post can be assigned to multiple categories
  • Added category administration to the authors editor screen.
  • Categories can be nested (parent categories, unlimited levels.)
  • Automatic AMP pages for post content.
  • Automatic sitemap generator for posts.
  • Archive support added.
  • Links manager which makes affiliate blogging easier because when your affiliate changes their link you only have to change your link once, not across all posts.
  • Organizers for posts, categories, links, whatever.
  • MAJOR editor updates including great image positioning, styles, etc...
  • Massive amount of custom SEO settings added for total SEO control.
  • Word and character counters for professional authors.
  • Feeds - RSS/ATOM
  • Custom blog templates: choose which templates a blog post uses (ideas are already forming, aren't they?)
  • Custom author/pen names for posts.
  • Related links/posts functionality.
  • Most popular post list.
  • Anonymous comments option per category or post.
  • More shortcodes.

Updated Stuff:

  • Tags can be multiple word (separated by commas) or single words (separated by spaces) - one or the other.
  • Simplified the UI in the main admin and in the content editor.
  • Data availability for featured images:

    • post:featured_video:url 
    • post:featured_video:iframe 
    • post:featured_image:url 
    • post:featured_image:tag
    • post:featured_image:height
    • post:featured_image:width
  • Hits counted only when humans view the page, not bots and search engines (for the most part.)
  • UI updates throughout the module and editor.
  • Bootstrap 4 framework, easier on the eyes!

Performance improvements and many bug fixes including:

  • Fixed htaccess issue when "no extension" is set in config.
  • Anonymous comments fixed for posts without category.
  • Fixed featherlight "off" setting issue.
  • Fixed character encoding in editor page.
  • Fixed admin background.
  • Canonical links issue.
  • Comments misbehavior.
  • Huge list of other small fixes

2.10 - Sept, 2017

1.16 - Jan 15, 2016

There are some fun updates for version 1.16, including fixes for Miva Merchant analytics and canonical url fixes for your blog posts. See a full list of fixes and new features on the updates page.

Template Updates for version 1.16

Version 1.16 has page template updates that include an overhaul of the microdata, pagination, featured images for the blog page and categories, lots of small bug fixes, and quite a few additions and updates. Templates must be updated manually. Steps 7 and 8 in the install instructions below explain what to do (including the new custom CSS templates.)


  • Fixed rare "origins header" issue in author's portal
  • Fixed display bug in authors portal
  • General bug fixes
  • Updated authors portal default list sort to most recent edits
  • Updated stickies so drafts aren't loaded (drafts are useful admin idea pads)
  • Added publish/unpublish scheduling - turn a post on or off via CRON and a simple schedule
  • Added permalink extension options: .html, /, or none
  • Added "recent posts" dropdown to authors portal
  • Added category description w/meta data
  • Added category featured image w/meta data
  • Added main blog description w/meta data
  • Added main blog featured image w/meta data
  • Added "are you sure?" box if changes not saved (turn auto-save on)
  • Added canonical URL to head to fix analytics reporting
  • Added an Analytics fix for Miva Merchant's automatic page naming so analytics reports make more sense

Analytics and Canonical URL fixes require some adjustments. Check out the Canonical/Analytics FAQ page

1.15 - Jan 12, 2016

Bug fix: multiple image issues including display, the lightbox and uploading

1.14 - December 25, 2015

  • fixed broken title box for new article
  • fixed tags not saving on new post
  • added category and global stickies
  • updated templates, check the installation guide for template download links

1.13 - December 21, 2015

  • fixed permalink issue
  • fixed template "all" link issue
  • fixed template empty image tag
  • fixed problem with duplicate articles being created
  • fixed issue where drafts were sometimes loaded in the public article data
  • updated the authors portal page layout
  • udpated (major update) of microdata across all templates.
  • added multiple image uploading (must use image dialog box on toolbar)
  • added template microdata to default blog page
  • added publisher field in config for microdata
  • added new config field for microdata: publisher
  • added microdata for featured image
  • added microdata for store logo
  • added save button (floppy disc icon) to editor toolbar
  • added undo/redo button to editor toolbar

1.12 - December 11, 2015

  • a few more minor bug fixes

1.11 - December 10, 2015

  • Fixed permalink bug
  • Fixed updater issues

1.10 - December 8, 2015

The SCOTSBLOGGER_TEMPLATE page has been drastically updated to be more useful for real world blogging by defaulting to a display of your X (configurable) most recent blog posts. It also includes pagination for those posts. If you want to update your SCOTSBLOGGER_TEMPLATE to the new version, go to the installation faq and download the template code for the framework you're using.

  • added autosave
  • added many new page item parameters - check the mvt:item faq entry for a complete list.
  • added featured image selector
  • added post in category tracker
  • added various debug mode messages
  • added new module updater
  • added pagination
  • added delete confirmation in admin and authors portal
  • added many other features and improvements
  • updated SCOTSBLOGGER_TEMPLATE - many updates, fixes, and enhancements, both template and css
  • updated SCOTSBLOGGER_TEMPLATE for bootstrap, suivant, optics, and CSSUI
  • updated HTML editing engine to next version - serious update w/many enhancements and stability fixes
  • updated custom css file to include storecode: styles_custom_storecode.css
  • updated password field in config to get rid of save password box
  • updated title tag logic
  • updated default post comments to ON
  • fixed comments on/off for individual posts and categories - category comment on/off supercedes message comment on/off
  • fixed category setting issue for new installs
  • - use PHPadmin to fix for people already installed by changing catcode to length 64 in MESSAGES table
  • fixed permissions issues in the authors portal
  • fixed delete link
  • fixed image directory creation issue
  • fixed non-permalink post URLs
  • fixed total comments bug
  • fixed category create total bug
  • many other fixes and performance enhancements


  • added comment control to posts
  • added comment control to blog categories
  • Note: update blog template page necessary
  • added new methods to load category posts with rendered content
  • fixed multiple store shortlink bug, turn permalinks on/off in config to force htaccess rewrite
  • fixed multiple store authors portal
  • fixed non secure links in stores without https


  • minor bug fixes
  • added blog post order type (date/manual/alpha) to categories
  • added blog post link shortcode: [ scotsblogger link article-slug ]


  • numerous small bug and annoyance fixes
  • added "updates available" notification
  • added news and updates tab
  • added custom CSS content option
  • added line numbers and code folding to source view