Content Studio Module for Miva Merchant

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Content Studio is a sophisticated rich content module for Miva Merchant with a next generation WYSIWYG editor, logical organization, and easy to use features.

Content Studio Module for Miva Merchant

Add rich content to your Miva Merchant store the easy way.

Content Studio is a sophisticated rich content module for Miva Merchant with a next generation WYSIWYG editor, logical organization, and easy to use features.

by Scot Ranney • December 27, 2020

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We're pleased to announce the release of the Content Studio, a cutting edge WYSIWYG editor and content manager for Miva Merchant.

Take a look at the video tour:

Content Studio gives Miva Merchant store administrators a tool to easily create rich content for their stores. Creating vibrant product content has never been easier.

Differences between Content Studio and Scot's Blogger

The main differences between the two modules is that the blogger is specifically made for blogging and content management with full URL control and organization features in line with most blogging platforms whereas the Content Studio is designed for admins to create rich content blocks to use within Miva Merchant.

The editors are similar although the Content Studio editor is a bit more advanced and has more readily available options. The major difference regarding editors is that in the Content Studio, as of version 1.008, only store admins can edit and create content although this may change if enough customers request it. The blogger module uses customer accounts, editor accounts, for content creation and maintenance.

Image support is about the same, however the Content Studio does have an image selector that gives you quick access to previously used images as well as access to product images if you're creating locked product content. Locked content is nothing more than content associated with a particular product, page, or category. We call it locked because the code is locked into the product, page or category.

Another major difference is how easy it is to use Content Studio content anywhere in your store. It's possible to use blogger content anywhere in your store, and many people do it (including here on Scot's Scripts) but the Content Studio makes it much more straightforward. 

Another big difference is organizing content. In the blogger module content is organized first between different blogs, then there are codes, categories, and tags. Tags are treated as search items, codes are treated one more way to organize, and categories are, well, categories.

In the Content Studio content is organized by codes and tags, and through a simple URL parameter the Content Studio can be used as a support and documentation system, a simple blogging system, and a way to links various bits of content into seamless groups, with the content accessed much more easily than with the blog module.

In summary, if you're looking for something more like Word Press where your posts have their own URLs then the blogger module is for you. If you are looking for an easy way to add rich content in your store for pages, products, and anything else, then the Content Studio is for you.

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