Miva Merchant Modules Content Creator Studio

Content Studio for Miva Merchant

Next Generation Content Management and Editing for Miva Merchant
Content Studio brings the best of WYSIWYG editing and content mangement to Miva Merchant.
Save time creating rich content for your Miva Merchant products, pages, and categories, and more time drumming up business. Content studio is a simple and powerful way to create linked content for faqs and documentation, beautiful product content, and other content snippets that can be used anywhere in your store.

Content Studio v1.014

Content Studio is easy to use and makes your product descriptions and other store content as nice as it can be.

Image gallery by The Gallery module using Unite gallery with unite_compact_b setting.

License Required
FastFAQs for Content Studio
1. Is it easy to use?
Super easy! Create some awesome content, copy the page item, then paste it in a page.
2. Can I blog with this?

Yes. Using the URL settings the Content Studio can load content by code and/or tags. This lets you dynamically load whatever content you want into a page. We'll come up with simple blog and support templates soon.

Note that even though you can use this for blogging, it's not full featured or intended to be a blogging platform. For that you'd want to check out Scot's Blogger.

3. Is it easy to add images to content?

Drag and drop. You can also use the image selector which has thumbnails of all the images you've use in previous content. If you are editing a product description you can also select from product images.

4. How hard is it to use for product descriptions?

Not hard at all. You check a box in the settings that says to use Content Studio for product descriptions and that's it. If there is a Content Studio product description it will come up when someone is looking at the product, and if not, the regular Miva Merchant product description will come up.

5. Can I have outside authors make content?

Yes and no. You can if you give them admin access. There is no customer-side editor for the Content Studio as of Jan 2021. For that you'd need to use Scot's Blogger.

Want FastFAQs for your store? Get the module!

  • Next generation WYSIWYG editor.
  • Organize with tags.
  • Image drag and drop or image selection.
  • Editor settings to customize css automatically based on tags and blocks.
  • Page items to load or display content in various ways.
  • Quickly create rich content for products, pages, support systems, and more.
  • Use Content Studio content for product description with no template changes.
  • Product content editor includes product images in image selector.
  • Use tag and code URL param to create dynamic content for support system, docs, blogs, and more.
  • Built in faq tree system. You assign content items to other content items, then bring up the tree and it's automatically set up in a ul/li code block. Useful for many menu style plugins out there. Great for documentation and support.