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A robust and simple way to search for, sort, and filter products based on custom fields.

If you use your Miva Merchant custom fields to store product information in a way that helps you organize your products, you know what a pain it is to search, sort, and filter those custom fields can be. This affordable utility module for Miva Merchant saves you time.

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Custom fields in Miva Merchant are a powerful way to organize and expand data in your store. This module helps you get around if you use custom fields to help manage your products.

After you install the module, go to:

MENU > UTILITIES > Sort by Custom Field

Once you are in, you'll see a simple page with a two input fields. The first is for your product code. Enter a full or partial product code, everything that matches will be brought up.

The second field lets you pre-filter your custom fields. If you have 30 custom fields but only want to view some of them (and speed up loading) then enter their codes in this box, separated by commas.

After you search for a product (I searched for PC in the example below) the results screen will be displayed in a sortable, filterable table.

Active/Inactive switch:

Items in red are inactive, items in green are active. You can change a product's active/inactive status by using the check boxes and then clicking on the "toggle active selections" button.

The "Search" box will filter the results as you type without reloading the page.

Each column is sortable by simply clicking on the header.

Clicking on a product code will go to the edit product page.

Although this Miva Merchant Module is quite specialized, it's very useful for anyone who needs to be able to search for products and then sort and filter by custom field.

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