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Scot's Blogger is a Miva Merchant blogging module that adds a Wordpress style blog system to your store.

Unique content is more important than ever and blog posts are a great way to get better search engine placement. Scot's Blogger is a feature filled Miva Merchant module that puts the power of blogging into your store.

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Blogging on your Miva Merchant site just got a lot easier.

Unique content is more important than ever and one of the most practical ways to add more to your site is by posting articles.

This is the inaugural post for Scot's Blogger, a Miva Merchant module that adds powerful blogging features to your ecommerce site. If you're a blogger who needs a store, Miva Merchant is an excellent ecommerce platform with unlimited customization potential.

Features include:

  • a sophisticated HTML editor
  • easy drag and drop images
  • link converting for YouTube, Vimeo, and basic URLs
  • categories - use store categories or create specific blog categories
  • customizable publisher, author, and moderator powers
  • authors and publishers do not need admin access
  • storeside admin is the perfect writing space for authors and publishers
  • star ratings - ajax style
  • schema microdata and social meta tags built in
  • comments
  • short links
  • built in image lightbox
  • other convenient features abound

The Basic Miva Merchant Blog Template

The default blog page template uses Twitter Bootstrap 3 CSS and by default it displays the most recent post with a category/article tree sidebar.

Comments can be configured for automatic censorship in cases of forced moderation.

Authorship Permissions:

Set publisher, author, and moderator permissions in Scot's Blogger flexible authorship system. This is useful when you need to keep your writers in their cages.


The main administration page lists all the articles in the system in a sortable table. When you click on an article, it brings you to the authors portal where you can edit it.

The Author's Portal:

This is where the writing takes place. Your publishers and authors use their customer accounts and never need access to your Miva Merchant administration.

HTML Editor:

The built in HTML editor includes all the standard formatting and a few more features like automatic link processing (for video too) and a simple to use drag and drop image system.

Some of the features of the HTML toolbar include:

Formatting Tags


Font and Background Colors

Standard Font Selection

We're more excited about Scot's Blogger than we have been about any Miva Merchant module we've made. Scot's Blogger is the first time blogging in Miva Merchant has been easy to do, and with all the blog editing tools available there's nothing stopping you from creating any kind of blog post you want.

Download Scot's Blogger and use the free 30 day trial to see if it will work for you.

Addition: Suivant and Optics blog templates can easily be updated to fit within their theme, check the blog post

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The blog posts on Scot's Scripts are served by Scot's Blogger, a Miva Merchant blogging module that makes it easy to create a Wordpress style blog, rich content, and extra pages in your Miva Merchant store.