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Uploading your ePub to Lulu isn't always easy.

Lulu errors when validating your ePub can be hard to track down. Here's a way to fix those errors without sweating.

Digital Publishing

When you upload your ePub to LULU.COM, there are quite a few common errors can drain hours from your life, such as:

  • The table of contents contains one or more links without text.
  • ERROR: IOException: Unresolved external XML entity
  • ERROR: Unable to locate element with id
  • ERROR: Missing navLabel text for navPoint

These are just a few of the Lulu errors you might get but before you go crazy trying to fix them manually, try fixing them automatically with Calibre eBook Management software.

Calibre is free and is one of the two best ePub tools out there (the other being Sigil.)

I usually create the ePub in Sigil and then if it doesn't validate on LULU, I'll open the ePub in Calibre and fix it using the steps below. 

Note: this has never failed me although I can't guarantee it's going to work for everyone.

1. Add the epub to the Calibre Library

2. Right click on the epub and choose "Convert books" then choose "Convert individually"

3. Set input to "epub" and output to "epub"

Click "OK", then save your file, then try uploading to Lulu. And cross your fingers, that never hurts.

If you are still having issues with your ePub being accepted on Lulu, we offer digital publishing services and may be able to troubleshoot your ePub for you. Contact us for more information.

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