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What to do if your Surface Pro 3 pen disconnects after a second or two.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is an incredible machine, when it's working. Stuffing a desktop into a tablet is a big job and every now and then something strange will happen. This is what to do when your Surface Pro 3 pen connects for a second and then disconnects.

Computer Stuff

One of the main reasons I bought a Surface Pro is so I can draw graphics freehand using software such as Autodesk Sketchbook, Art Rage (one of the best), Manga Studio, and others. This only works when the Surface Pro pen works, though.


  1. Pen connects momentarily to the Surface Pro and then disconnects.
  2. The top button still works - it brings up the Note taking app.
  3. The green lights still flash when you hold down the top button for five seconds.

What's going on:

More than likely the AAAA battery is low. The reason the pen will still connect momentarily, have blinking green lights, and bring up the Note app even though it can't draw or stay connected is because in addition to the AAAA battery, there are also a couple watch batteries in the top of the pen that don't run out nearly as fast.

The Fix:

Put in a new AAAA battery. You can find these at any major drug store or online. I bought some at Fred Meyer in the electronics section at a premium price...  next time I'll buy online. Make sure you put the battery in right! If you lost the little piece of paper with instructions on it, the battery goes in + side down (tip down.)


My pen still didn't work after putting in the new battery, however once I opened up the bluetooth settings in Windows 10 and removed the pen and then paired it back up, everything worked as expected.

After you open the bluetooth settings screen, click on the pen and remove it.

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