How to Open Task Manager in Windows 11

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How to Open Task Manager in Windows 11

This is a short and sweet post that might help anyone who is looking for the task manager in Windows 11.

by Scot Ranney • January 11, 2022

Computer Stuff

If you're not using the task manager you're missing out. It's a way to see what's going on under the hood, close processes that are using too many resources, change priority in applications and games to make them more responsive, and more.

In Windows 10 I used to right click in the taskbar to get the task manager.

In Windows 11 that doesn't work. However there is still a shortcut to get the task manager up so you don't have to search through apps to bring it up: 

Right Click the Blue Windows Icon

Right click the blue "four squares" icon and select the Task Manager.

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