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If you want an easy way to preview Miva Merchant emails, this is for you.

Email Preview is a free Miva Merchant module that lets you preview your Miva Merchant customer confirmation, merchant confirmation, and other email templates without having to send any emails or place test orders.

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We'll get this out of the way. Here's where you can get the free module to preview your Miva Merchant emails:


This is a Miva Merchant module that makes it super easy to preview Miva Merchant email templates. Install the module, enter the license (free), and then edit one of the email templates. Once you are there click the ITEMS tab and assign emailpreview to the page. Once you've done that a new tab will appear where you can preview the template.

One of the cool things about this module is that if you are previewing a template that contains data, such as an order confirmation email template, it will populate it with order data, and you can even tell it which order to populate the preview with.

There are two other ways to preview your emails. One is to place a test order. The other is to go to:


Once you are there, click on an order to select it, then click on the icon to open the details.

On the order details screen there will be a series of links under the order number and date of the order. Click on the Order Emails link to send various emails relating to the order.

When you click that, a popup will appear where you can select which emails to send. Under the selection are some fields where you can override the order email information.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to enter your email address in the "Override To:" field so the email is sent to you and not the customer.

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