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This is a list of Miva Merchant stores using the Scot's Blogger module. Some have been customized, some are using stock temlates.

Stores using Scot's Blogger

Take a look at Scot's Blogger in the real world.

This is a list of Miva Merchant stores using the Scot's Blogger module. Some have been customized, some are using stock temlates.

by Scot Ranney • March 08, 2021

Scot's Blogger

There are so many Miva Merchant stores using the blogger that it's hard to figure out which ones to list here. The sites below have customized their blog templates or used the stock template about as well as can be used.

Newest Updates

Red River Catalog Paper - Over 300 articles imported using the new JSON API Wordpress import (blogger version 3.52) and displayed in a custom blog roll layout.

Ideal Tridon - One of the nicest blog customizations out there. Very slick.

LynchNW - Currently using the out-of-the-box blog template but creating content on a regular basis.

Manuka Honey USA LLC - Basic blog setup with nice content

Ciracom Cloud - A very nice blog template, super pro looking. Heavy use of tags in the posts helps customers find similar content with one click.

2022 and Earlier 

Design Quest - Contemporary design store using the stock blog template for artist and product features. They make the stock template look very nice, great use of featured imges.

Food Related - Heavily customized blog template for a pro food related blog look.

The Drift Fly Fishing Blog - image heavy blog posts, just the way they should be! This is a top-notch use of the blogger module.

Appalachian Offroad Motorsport Company - Simple blog template using the idea of images for the blog roll.

Custom ProBiotics - a nice looking blog about dietary health.

Country Cool: The Crossroads Blog - Basic blog with up to date content and good visuals.

PacBrake - A technical blog with product updates, manufacture notes, and more.

Christmas Traditions - one of the original heavy users of the blogger module with a nice custom template and current content.

Classic Car Stereos blog - Helpful articles to help you determine what you need for your car, which products are best for your needs and your budget, and advice on how to properly install them.

Buy Chimes - A good example of restyling the blog colors and fonts.

Extreme Corals - Nice example of a dark theme for the blog.

Raven Maps & Images - Template updates to match the unique styling of their site.

JBugs - A blog about VW Bugs! Not only that (do we need more?) the template has been customized for an old school VW look.

TYGER - A nice technical looking blog about aftermarket auto off road and adventure accessories

Coffee House Express - A nice customized blog template that is friendly and makes you want a cup of coffee.

Scot's Scripts - We use our own blogger! Almost all documentation (some docs are from Instapages) and all the News and Updates are using the blogger.

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