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The easy way.

Installing a module in Miva Merchant is often a confusing process the first time around, but it doesn't have to be. This post will show you the easy way to install amodule.

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We'll get right to it. 

You just bought a module for your Miva Merchant store, and now it's time to install, but maybe the instructions aren't clear or there's some other issue. If that's the case, you're in the right place and hopefully this guide will make this process easy for you.

Note: the screenshots are from the Chrome browser, so your screen may look a bit different if you're not using Chrome.  

1. Open Modules Screen

Click the MENU button and then click on MODULES:


2. Upload Your Module

  1. click the + button on the right hand side to add a new module 
  2. click the UPLOAD button 
  3. click the CHOOSE FILE button (see image below)
  4. select your file by clicking once and then clicking the OPEN button, or simply by double clicking the file.
  5. click the UPLOAD button
  6. click the ADD button (top right) to finishing adding the module to Miva Merchant 

3. Activate the Module in Your Store

You've added the module to Miva Merchant, now it's time to turn it on in your store.

You will find your module in it's own section in the Miva Merchant administration. Payment modules are in the Payment Settings, utility modules are in the Utility Settings, and so on. The FastFAQs module in this example is a utility module, so we'll install the module in the Utilities area by clicking on the menu button and then on UTILITIES:


Next, click on the ADD/REMOVE Modules tab. If you don't see it, click on the three dots (see image below) and find it there:

Click on the INSTALL button for the module you want to install:

When you click the INSTALL button the module installs itself into your store and is ready to use. At this point the next step is your module documentation.

Note, if your module isn't found in the Utility Settings, check the other menu items circled in red (image below) - each has it's own Add/Remove Modules section:

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