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Archives for April, 2015

Useful articles about Miva Merchant, Miva Merchant SEO, Miva Scripting, general eCommerce best practices, Miva Merchant module information, and more. We've also posted some Miva Script tutorials, guides, and downloads. This blog is run by Scot's Blogger, a Wordpress style Miva Merchant module.

Scot's Blogger and the Suivant Ready Theme

This post describes how to use Scot's Blogger with the Suivant Ready Theme for Miva Merchant in three easy steps.

Scot's Blogger, a Miva Merchant blogging module, default to Bootstrap CSS and page templates during install. It's easy to make the updates so your blog page looks good if you're using the Suivant Ready Theme and the steps are detailed in this post.

Scot Ranney, April 01, 2015

How to Update Product Images when Updating to a Miva Merchant Ready Theme

Are you missing your product images after updating your store to a Miva Merchant ready theme?

You're running a Miva Merchant ecommerce store and you've just updated your store to a Miva Merchant Ready Theme. Things look great except you're missing your product images. Don't worry- you don't need to upload them again. One quick export/import will fix most of the problem.

Scot Ranney, April 01, 2015

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