Scot's Scripts Widgets Portfolio

Our favorite Miva Merchant widgets, configurators, and black boxes.
Miva Merchant is infinitely extendable through it's powerful template coding language, custom plugins and modules, and full control over virtually everything that happens in the store. This possibilities are endless.

We are often called by developers and store owners to create custom and complex components for Miva Merchant stores.

Widgets, configurators, and other moving parts that make stores do exactly what the client wants.

Pinewood Pro: Interactive Car Designer

Pinewood Pro is the site for all things Pinewood Derby and they wanted an interactive car designer widget to give customers a more immersive experience.

Colman and Company: Super Clothing Grid

We were asked to create a clothing grid that used products, categories, and custom fields to control everything. We included volume discount popups and all sorts of other features that made this one of the best clothing grids we've ever seen.

Scan My Photos: FAQ Widget

The folks at Scan My Photos wanted a dynamic way to create FAQs for their products and services. However, some FAQ entries are shared between the products and services. We used Instapages and it's content tagging features to dynamically load all FAQ entries that shared various tags which made it easy to organize FAQs in the exact way the client wanted.

Magneshade RV Window Shades: Product Chooser

Magneshade had a specific design in mind for their product chooser. We used stock Miva Merchant product attributes and 100% customization of the attribute template along with JS and other web voodoo to get this done. The most tricky part of this project is that different fabric selections mean the options, especially colors, have to change behind the scenes. There are also special considerations for certain vehicle types.

Red River Paper Printer Paper Finder

Red River Paper wanted to let their customers find paper based on what printer they use so we put together an AJAX style system that gets data behind the scenes based on customer selections to make it happen. This system uses a custom module to help the store admin work with various printer data and a custom page template to handle the output.

We're just getting started with this list so check back later for more examples as we dig through old emails and jobs to find the coolest things we've done for clients.

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