Scot's Scripts Miva Merchant Module Support

Scot's Scripts Miva Merchant Module Support

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Scot's Blogger is used to created this support system.

Updating From Version 2 to Version 3

Version 3 has many updates, the most exciting being the ability to create multiple blogs.
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Version 3 is worth the update but you need to take a few minutes to make a few changes in your templates and other settings as described below.

Version 3 is a great update to Scot's Blogger, however you will need to spend ten minutes on a few items to make sure the update works as intended. DOWNLOAD the new version from the product page to get started.

Configuration update: The configuration tab has been removed. Now you configure your blog in the BLOGS tab. This update allows for more than one blog.

VERY IMPORTANT: the version 3 update should not be done automatically from within the module. If you try to do it this way problems will occur.

Module Update

1. Upload the new module in your Miva Merchant administration. 

Go to:


and open "Scot's Blogger and CMS" 

2. Click the "Files" tab and upload the new module

3. Click on the green "Update" button - IMPORTANT

Blog Settings

Go to the Scot's Blogger administration and click on the "Blogs" tab. This is where the module configuration has been moved. Check over the settings and make sure everything is correct.

Permalinks Update

1. Go to the Scot's Blogger administration and click on the "Blogs" tab. Open your blog and go to the last section, "Permalinks."

2. Update/Refresh the .htaccess file (if you do not see an option to do this make sure you have "Use Permalinks" turned on.)

Template Updates

There are two updates that must be made in the SCOTSBLOGGER_TEMPLATE page or certain items will break after the htaccess update. The recommended way is to download the new templates from the Installation Page and start from Step 7. The instructions below may help if you are trying to update your current templates.

1. Change search form action from

<form method="post" action="&mvt:global:sessionurl;">


<form method="post" action="&mvt:global:scotsblogger_search_url;">

2. Remove the following two lines from the search form:

 <input type="hidden" name="store_code" value="&mvte:global:store_code;">
<input type="hidden" name="screen" value="&mvte:global:screen;">

3. change the link for "all" in the sidebar to

<a href="&mvt:global:scotsblogger_blog:slug_url;">all</a>

The "all" link may be in a block like this:

 <mvt:if expr="g.scotsblogger_permalink_extension EQ 'html'">
<a href="&mvt:global:scotsblogger_baseurl_link;.&mvte:global:scotsblogger_permalink_extension;">all</a>
<a href="&mvt:global:scotsblogger_baseurl_link;&mvte:global:scotsblogger_permalink_extension;">all</a>

You can safely replace this entire block with the new code above.

Shadows/Elements theme: if you are using Shadows/Elements Readytheme, the "all" link probably looks like this:

<a href="&mvt:global:scotsblogger_baseurl_link;">all</a>

Replace this with the new "all" link above.

4. Update the category sidebar. This will make sure it loads categories associated with the blog. If you wish to leave it as is, it will load all categories in the system. Either way works.

Find this line: 

 <mvt:do file="g.smr_libpath $ 'cats.mvc'" name="l.settings:scotsblogger:categories" value="get_top_level_parent_list()" />

And replace get_top_level_parent_list() with get_get_blog_cat_list() like this:

 <mvt:do file="g.smr_libpath $ 'cats.mvc'" name="l.settings:scotsblogger:categories" value="get_blog_cat_list()" />