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I Have Old Posts, Where Are the Archives?

Having problems with your archives? This should help.
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Scot's Blogger for Miva Merchant supports archives of old messages, however there are a few situations where the archives might not be listed. See if any of these apply to you if you're having archive issues.

Possible Issue 1:

The archive list in the sidebar will only show up if you have posts that are published in two or more months. That is, if you only have posts from March, 2019, then you will not see any list of archives even if it's May of 2019.

However, once you create a new post in a different month (May instead of March for example) then the archives will show up.

Possible Issue 2:

If you do have posts in more than one month and are still not seeing any archives listed, be sure your template is up to date. The templates are found here:


Possible Issue 3:

Go into the module admin and click on the DB Utilities tab. Click on the option to update archive totals.

If none of these fixes work for you, please contact support and we'll help figure it out.