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Scot's Blogger is used to created this support system.

How to Remove the Author Name

Sometimes you don't need to display the author in your blog posts.
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The Scot's Blogger template is a store page and can be customized like any other store page.

First, find the blog template. 

If you installed with version 3.002 or later the blog template will be found in the "content" area of your main blog page in the  section in the Miva Merchant admin. Find the "LOAD POST DATA" section.

If you installed before version 3.002 then your blog content is probably in a page with the code SCOTSBLOGGER_TEMPLATE in your Miva Merchant admin.

After you have the template open find the word "by" and then comment out the author.

It will probably look something like:

by <span itemprop="author">&mvt:scotsblogger:currentpost:penname;</span>

Comment it out like this:

by <span itemprop="author">&mvt:scotsblogger:currentpost:penname;</span>

If you want the schema seo data to still be present then instead of commenting out the author, change the "by" line to:

<meta itemprop="author" content="&mvt:scotsblogger:currentpost:penname;">

This way the author data is still visible to search engines but no one reading the article will see it.