Instapages and Scot's Blogger WYSIWYG Editor Demo

Instapages and Scot's Blogger WYSIWYG Editor Demo

Miva Merchant Modules and Development
Editor demo for Scot's Scripts Miva Merchant module called Instapages.

Do you need a specialized or custom blog layout? Anything is possible. Click Here to see stores Using the Blogger with stock and custom templates.

Are you more interested in pages and content rather than blogging? Take a look at Instapages. If Miva's Page Builder isn't your style, Instapages offers a more traditional way of creating content with unique URLs. Don't make pages, make content.

Basic Features:

  • Cutting edge visual editor with all the features.
  • Drag and Drop images
  • Publishers, authors, and moderators do not need Miva Merchant admin accounts.
  • Draft/Publish control.
  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Blog it! Automatically create a blog post from a product.
  • Shortcodes
  • Total SEO control.
  • Featured (social) images
  • Microdata ready ( for SEO
  • Automatically works with Analytics
  • Links manager for easy affiliate blogging.
  • Feeds - RSS/ATOM
  • Optional comments and/or nested comments.
  • Automatic AMP pages for post content.
  • Automatic sitemap generator for posts.
  • Archives.
  • Most popular post list.
  • Word and character counters for professional authors.
  • Custom blog templates based on post.
  • Custom author/pen names for posts.
  • Categories can be nested (parent categories, unlimited levels.)
  • A post can be assigned to multiple categories.
  • Organizer containers for posts, categories, links, whatever.
  • Related links/posts functionality.
  • Sticky posts
  • Manual or auto ordering of posts
  • Metadata included for social sites- posts show up with image, author, etc..
  • Three levels of Scot's Blogger accounts: publishers, authors, and moderators
  • Assign various global and category specific permissions to authors
  • Comments- can be set to auto-censor for pre-moderation concerns
  • Comments can be turned off/on for individual articles or across categories.
  • Anonymous comments option per category or post.
  • Moderators can censor or delete comments as they read them
  • Blog template page code is full featured
  • Ajax star ratings for articles (fully microdata'd out)
  • The Author's Portal is a relaxing writing environment where your authors worry about one thing: writing
  • Link posts to pages, products, and categories - use posts as product descriptions.

Scot's Blogger is also a powerful documentation and FAQ manager.

Scot's Blogger vs Wordpress

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Some Stores Using Scot's Blogger

Want to see it in action? Here is a list of stores that use Scot's Blogger. Let us know if you are using Scot's Blogger and want your site in this list.

Are you a writer looking for a good eCommerce solution? Miva Merchant and Scot's Blogger could be the way to go.