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We are Miva Merchant, e-commerce and SEO specialists. Our mission is to turn your Miva Merchant website ideas into reality.

We also install responsive HTML5 frameworks such as Bootstrap (used here) and Boilerplate into stores and websites.

Miva Merchant

We are a full service Miva Merchant business. From setting up a new store to doing total look and feel conversions with module control, we'll tackle any Miva Merchant challenge.


We take Miva Merchant stores and do full HTML5 conversions, on all levels.


It doesn't take much to set up Wordpress as your blogging, article or CMS platform, and if you run Miva Merchant we make Wordpress look and feel like your store.


We keep up with the latest SEO trends and can help you with your search results. We install microdata. Search engines love microdata.

General Web Consultation

Building a new site or store? Need advice about where to go next with your website? We are good at breaking down big ideas into real agendas and then getting them done.

Miva Merchant Translation

We are experienced in setting up full localized Miva Merchant systems using human translated strings.

Art meets Technology

Our design team is made of web and tech savvy artists who create with ease of use and reality in mind. Your ideas will look, feel and do exactly what you want them to.

Technology meets Art

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html5 + css3 = responsiveness

  • html5 and css3 and miva merchant

    Look good on cell phones and big screens.

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Scot's Scripts News and Updates

Over the past couple of months the Scot's Miva Scripts website has been quietly experiencing a behind-the-scenes revolution. In 1998 we built our own store and website CMS using the Miva Scripting language because nothing else would do the job.

Miva Merchant 5.5 changed all that and with the most recent Empressa updates there wasn't any reason not to use Miva Merchant as the store and the website Content Management System.

In addition we incorporatee the Twitter Bootstrap HTML5 and CSS3 framework into Miva Merchant because of it's features and responsiveness to various screen size. As Scot developed the new store several modules had to be created to help with content management. A FAQ management module (used in the support section), ProContent which makes developing complex store layouts a breeze, and a few more you'll see.

We're also updating existing modules and looking for new ideas so if you can't find what you're looking for, let us know.

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Quick News

We've been working hard for close to two months to get this new store up and running. This site now uses Miva Merchant as the CMS and store system, and uses the Twitter Bootstrap HTML5 framework for everything else.

If anything is not working as expected, let us know!