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Scot's Blogger is a Miva Merchant blogging module that adds a Wordpress style blog system to your store.

Unique content is more important than ever and blog posts are a great way to get better search engine placement. Scot's Blogger is a unique Miva Merchant module that puts the power of blogging into your store.


Introducing Scot's Blogger, a Miva Merchant Blogging Module

Blogging on your Miva Merchant site just got a lot easier.

Unique content is more important than ever and one of the most practical ways to add more to your site is by posting articles.

This is the inaugural post for Scot's Blogger, a Miva Merchant module that adds powerful blogging features to your ecommerce site. If you're a blogger who needs a store, Miva Merchant is an excellent ecommerce platform with unlimited customization potential.


We are undergoing a bit of renovation right now if you happen to notice anything odd.
  • All Miva modules are optimized and updated for MM9.

  • Scot's Blogger NEW

    This Miva Merchant blogging module adds a feature rich Wordpress style publishing environment to your store.

  • Scot's FAQ Manager

    Manage all of your FAQs and documentation in one place with this user plugin module for Miva Merchant.

  • Scot's Mailing List

    Flexible and powerful email campaign software that ties into Miva Merchant and gives you full control over your newsletter campaigns.

  • ProContent

    Design the store of your dreams with unlimited smart content blocks and powerful rotation features.

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